RobbCast EP 10: A drunk meat swallower won’t stop calling
A drunk #FloridaWoman harasses me by continuing to call and request Jane’s Addiction.

Her husband calls in to try and promote her appearance at a local hot dog eating contest but things take a turn when the drunk woman uses potty language.
That leads to name calling, a party line call and radio swinging!
RobbCast EP 9: The Consensual Purple Nurple Contest
A story of a student’s purple nurpling gone wrong leads to a new contest – the consensual Purple Nurple Contest.

Listener Brad joined me in-studio to receive a Purple Nurple for WWE tickets.

Things take an interesting turn when Brad discusses his two marriages, one which lasted 30 days, as well as his 30 day engagement to a woman he met “30 days ago” because legally, he’s still married to his second wife.
RobbCast EP 8: Chip the Sword Swinging Cincinnati Transient Swings More Than Just Swords
It turns out my homeless Executive Producer, Chip the Sword Swinging Cincinnati Transient, swings more than just swords!

A caller informed me that Chip and his wife were into swappin’, having sex with more than 30 different people together.

We also discover a weird cyst on Chip’s arm, it could be herpes, it could be mrsa, but either way, we see if we can pop it!
RobbCast EP 7: Jesse from prison calls in
An inmate from prison named Jesse called the show to explain what prison life is like and if gay sex is a common occurrence in lock up.

Another caller named Rich called in and claimed Jesse was full of shit, so I held the radio station hostage and only took calls from Jesse’s family to corroborate his story.

Will Rich call back in and apologize? And how much gay sex actually happens in prison? Find out!
RobbCast EP 6: A conversation with comedian Justin Hires

Comedian and actor Justin Hires joins the show.

You’ve seen him in the TV shows Rush Hour and MacGyver, and in the movie 21 Jump Street.

We talk stand up comedy; why Rush Hour the series was cancelled after 13 episodes; how a viral YouTube video helped launch his career; and what it’s like to meet your idols Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy.