RobbCast EP 15: I’m Smellin’ My Fingers Right Now
A new social media trend has gone viral – advice in four words or less!

I had some advice of my own, but we also took a bunch of advice from the listeners as well.

From not smelling your fingers, to not trusting farts, the listeners had a ton of great advice!
RobbCast EP 14: Chip Faces Eviction
Chip, the Sword Swinging Cincinnati Transient, is facing eviction from the storage unit he’s living in.

Can the listeners help Chip raise $135.00 in less than 24 hours to keep a roof over his head?
RobbCast EP 13: Florida Woman Smuggles Live Gator In Her Panties
A #FloridaWoman was pulled over by cops, who found a live gator hiding in her panties.

25-year-old Ariel Machan-Le Quire was caught with more than 40 turtles in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack in Punta Gorda by a Charlotte County Sheriff’s Deputy. 

When the deputy searched Ariel, he found a live gator hiding in her panties.

I found a number for Ariel so we called the Punta Gorda Gator Gal!
RobbCast EP 12: A conversation with MTV’s Tom Green
I fulfilled a life long dream. I interviewed one of my comedic heroes, Tom Green.

Tom talks his starting standup in at 15 years old, how he took a public access show out of Canada and got it onto MTV, if MTV banned “The Bum Bum Song” from T.R.L, what it’s like going back to stand up after a 10 year break, the greatest movie of all time: Freddie Got Fingered, and if he invented “planking.”
RobbCast EP 11: Learning How To Jelq
Incels are involuntary celibates – dudes who can’t get laid. We used to call them nerds, but now they have a new fancy term.

Incels are doing a new technique to increase their manhood, it’s called jelqing. 

Dr. Matt Sturbator from Major Lee Gae Hospital called in to talk “jelqing,” a process of stretching a man’s penis in order to increase it’s length.