RobbCast EP 20: Tatas for Tickets Round 1 – Carly
18-year-old Nina and 21-year-old nursing student Carly came down to the radio station to play “Tatas for Tickets.”

“Tatas for Tickets” is where ladies show their chesticles in return for concert tickets!

Carly stepped up to the plate and whipped out her beautiful Triple D boobs and won tickets!
RobbCast EP 19: Cons You’ve Gotten Away With
A man scammed the Korean government out of $80,000 over 8 years by pretending to be blind. 

Dude got busted when a neighbor spotted him driving. 

We took calls on cons you’ve committed. 

From robbing their own gas station, to a woman whose con was so illegal, we had to edit her name, location and profession to keep her from getting arrested.
RobbCast EP 18: Burnt Brittney Calls the Wrong Show
Burnt Brittany from California called the wrong radio show.

She meant to call in to the “Cheesy Pickup Line Contest” on 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles. 
She did not, so I had some fun at her expense!
RobbCast EP 17: NFL Player Flies Sex Doll To Away Games
Sports Illustrated released an investigative report on the masturbatory habits of former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr.

This led to a Line 5 phone call from “Kellen Winslow Jr.” How did “Kellen” end up on Line 5? Listen to the secret track to find out!
RobbCast EP 16: Weird Places You’ve Popped Wood
WWE Superstar John Cena admitted to getting an erection during a wrestling match.

So I wondered: where’s the weirdest places you’ve popped wood?

From algebra class, to the doctors office, to one listener’s father’s funeral, the answers came rolling in.