RobbCast EP 25: A conversation with comedian Carlos Mencia
Comedian Carlos Mencia joined me to talk all things comedy!

Carlos has made a career out of making the relatable, funny. How does one do that, when they’re a millionaire and no longer relatable? We discuss!

Plus, we talk if Mind of Mencia would work in 2020, how Carlos equates stand up to math, and how therapy helped turn Carlos into the Tony Robbins of stand up comedy!

Plus, plus: If you’re a comedian, or a fan of comedy, I suggest ya listen. Carlos drops some knowledge on the craft!
RobbCast EP 24: A conversation with Ray Willis, creator of the ALF statue
Ray Willis joins the show!

Ray made national headlines because he is raising $10,000 to create a bronze statue of 1980’s TV icon: ALF.

Ray joined me to talk why the city of New Haven needs an ALF statue; why other New Haven residents like George W Bush and Eli Whitney are overrated and over-celebrated; and why people should spend their hard earned money on a bronze statue of ALF.
RobbCast EP 23: Butt Smack for Godsmack
More homoerotic games!

Butt Smack for Godsmack tickets. Can listener Tim from Fort Myers drum a song on my buttocks and the listeners guess what song he’s drumming?

If so, Tim gets Godsmack tickets and the caller wins too!
RobbCast EP 22: A conversation with comedian Big Jay Oakerson
Big Jay Oakerson joins the show! 

We talk opening for KoRn on tour; how Louis C.K. ended up at his yearly festival, SkankFest; how a chance encounter with Pink ended with Jay hiring a hooker; and what it was like to tour with KoRn.
RobbCast EP 21: Tap it for Tickets Round 1 – Barry and Tim
A game for the fellas!

We’ve done all kinds of contests for girls: Period Panties for Pop Evil tickets; Tatas for Tickets; Trim the Hedges for Busch Gardens tickets; the Solo Race to the Finish with Porn Star Richelle Ryan; among others.

And now it’s time for a contest for the fellas. Tap It for Tickets. Can guys tap it on the phone and I guess what song they’re tapping it to?

Tim and Barry both gave it a shot!