RobbCast EP 40: The Raccoon Sack Challenge
SToK Cold Brew is giving three people $30,000 to go on the vacation of their dreams. $30,000 to go anywhere and do anything.

So I wondered: how would you spend it?

From a trip to Germany, to one guy who wants to take me to Switzerland to tag team some Swedish chicks, the calls came pouring in!

Plus, we’ve got a Raccoon Sack Challenge on our hands (that sounds gross!)
RobbCast EP 39: Weirdest Places You’ve Smoked Weed
Robert Downey Jr once got arrested for smoking weed at Disneyland.

So we opened the phones to the derelicts: where’s the weirdest place you’ve gotten stoned?

From inside of a jail, to on top of one, people love getting high!
RobbCast EP 38: 11 Reasons She Won’t Go South of the Border released a list of the 11 reasons why women won’t go down on guys.

So we took calls from the ladies: why don’t you do it? 

We had a surprise guest on the hotline. My girlfriend. She called in to explain why she doesn’t do it!
RobbCast EP 37: The Poo Bandit
When do you lose the rights to your stuff in a relationship?

I found out the hard way: a $30,000 purchase that isn’t just mine.

Plus, an emergency text from home: there’s a poop bandit on the loose!
RobbCast EP 36: Tap It For Tickets 3 – A Tool Taps His Tool For Tool
Ryan from Naples called in to play Tap it For Tickets for Disturbed tickets.

Can I correctly identify the Tool song Ryan is tapping his tool to?

If I can, Ryan wins the tickets and loses his dignity!