RobbCast EP 45: The Owen Hart Tribute Tape
A WWE Owen Hart Tribute Tape turned out to feature a pounding, but it wasn’t the pounding I was hoping for!

Plus, I’m in a dry streak. 14 months with my girlfriend. So we called her to find out why!
RobbCast EP 44: Bad Trip Stories and the Mushroom Olympic Games
A singer admitted to biting off the tip of his tongue while doing mushrooms.

So we opened the phones to your bad trip stories.

From one dude who thought he was eating his own cheek, to a dude who hid behind his couch with a spear, the calls came flooding in!
RobbCast EP 43: Top Sex Positions of 2019
SKYN Condoms conducted a study of the most popular sex positions of 2019.

Can the listeners guess the top 3?

We find out!
RobbCast EP 42: A conversation with comedian Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin is hilarious. One of the best comics out there today. He’s done radio, been on Letterman (11 times) and has written half a dozen screenplays.

We talk about how Nick got his start in the Midwest, his time as a writer at Comedy World Radio, and how he prepped for his 11 appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman!
RobbCast EP 41: A conversation with comedian Mitch Fatel
Comedian Mitch Fatel joined me in-studio!

We talk stand up, Mitch’s internship with the Howard Stern Show, how he helped Stuttering John Melendez get hired as an intern with the Stern Show, and why he turned down a chance to appear on Late Night with Conan O’Brien early on in his career.