RobbCast EP 5: Period Panties for Pop Evil Tickets
Colton Underwood, from ABC’s The Bachelor, is under fire for a comment he made about “period panties.”

I’ve never seen “period panties” in person before, so we came up with a new contest: Period Panties for Pop Evil Tickets.

Are there any women willing to trade their used “period panties” for tickets?

One listener found the contest offensive, wrote a complaint e-mail to the station, so I read the e-mail and we called the complainer!
RobbCast EP 4: A conversation with comedian Ahmed Ahmed

Comedian Ahmed Ahmed joins the show.

Ahmed’s been on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Sullivan and Son, and toured with comedians Maz Jabroni and Aron Kader as part of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour.

Ahmed made national headlines while performing at Off the Hook Comedy Club in Naples after an audience member called 911 on him over a joke.
RobbCast EP 3: Porn Star Richelle Ryan runs a “Solo Race to the Finish”
Adult film superstar Richelle Ryan runs a “Solo Race to the Finish.”

Richelle has performed in over 300 different adult films, she’s been nominated for over a dozen AVN awards, and she won the “Most Epic Ass” contest on the Howard Stern Show.

Richelle ran a “solo race to the finish” and listeners guessed how long it took her to cross the finish line
RobbCast EP 2: Trim the Hedges Round 1 – Kevin and Charity trim their hedges
We play “Trim the Hedges” with Kevin and Charity!

“Trim the Hedges” is where listeners do “yard work” over the phone, using an electric razor or scissors to do some personal “trimming.”

It’s Trim the Hedges Round 1 – Kevin and Charity both trimmed their hedges for Busch Gardens Tickets!
RobbCast EP 1: Florida Man’s “I Eat Ass” Bumper Sticker
I speak with 23-year-old Dillion Webb, the #FloridaMan who made national headlines after he was arrested for having an “I Eat Ass” bumper sticker on his truck.  
You’ve read the story, now hear from the man himself!  

Find out why Dillon refused to remove the bumper sticker, how long he spent in jail and what it feels like being nationally known as a #FloridaMan!