2010 Tonight Show Appearance
In 2010, LeBron James announced via “The Decision” that he was taking his talents to South Beach.

I had just moved to the city to work for Rover’s Morning Glory, a syndicated morning show. We were getting street interviews when I saw a camera, pretended to cry and it went viral!
RobbShow – A conversation with comedian Tom Green
Comedian, actor and one of my childhood heroes, Tom Green joined me in-studio!

My nerd boner was full hard. That’s why I’m off camera, I had an erection protruding from my pants as Tom talked his old MTV show; Freddie Got Fingered; Undercutters Pizza; and if MTV made him retire the Bum Bum Song.
RobbShow: Purple Nurple for WWE Tickets!
Brad from Leigh Acres joined The Robb Show in-studio to win WWE tickets.

All he had to do, was let me give him a Purple Nurple.

Things take an interesting turn when Brad opens up about his two marriages, as well as 30 day engagement to a woman he met “30 days ago.”
RobbShow: Cuddle Pros In-Studio
The Cuddle Pros joined me in-studio.

They offer a “platonic positive touch environment by offering Professional Cuddling Sessions.”
I got my cuddle on with their burliest of cuddlers and I loved it!
RobbShow: Adult film superstar Richelle Ryan runs a “Solo Race to the Finish”
Richelle has performed in over 300 different adult films, she’s been nominated for over a dozen AVN awards, and she was named porn’s “Most Epic Ass” by the Howard Stern Show.

Richelle ran a”run a solo race” to the finish and listeners guessed how long it took her to cross the finish line!

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