RobbShow: A conversation with Kyle Burgess, the man who went viral after being chased by a Mountain Lion
Kyle is the dude who went viral after filming a Mountain Lion stalking him for 6 minutes while he was hiking on a trail.

Kyle joins us to talk about what it’s like going viral, if he’s been chased by other animals, and I invite him to Florida to get weird with some gators so we can go viral together!
RobbShow: A conversation with Mark Bryan, who went viral for wearing heels & skirts
Mark Bryan is an American engineer living in Germany who has gone viral for wearing high heels and mini skirts.

Mark joined me via Zoom to discuss his wife and kid’s reactions to his clothing choices, what weird things men have sent him since he went viral, and what kind of underoos is he sportin’ under that dress!
RobbShow: A conversation with Pastor-turned-stripper Nikole Mitchell
Pastor-turned-stripper Nikole Mitchell joins the show!

Nikole tells us why she made the transition from preacher to stripper, how her life has changed since going viral and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and how she went from broke to making $100,000 a month on OnlyFans.

Plus, we find out what kind of kinky things perverts have requested from her online!