RobbShow: A conversation with comedian Bob DiBuono
Comedian Bob DiBuono stopped by the show to talk touring with Kendrick Lamar, performing on-stage at Coachella and what it’s like to perform his impression of President Donald J. Trump on ABC’s “The View!”

RobbShow: A conversation with comedian Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin is hilarious. One of the best comics out there today. He’s done radio, been on Letterman (11 times) and has written half a dozen screenplays.

We talk how Nick got his start in the Midwest, his time as a writer at Comedy World Radio, and how he prepped for his 11 appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman!

RobbShow: A conversation with comedian Mitch Fatel
Comedian Mitch Fatel joined me in-studio!

We talk stand up, Mitch’s internship with the Howard Stern Show, how he helped Stuttering John Melendez get hired as an intern with the Stern Show, and why he turned down a chance to appear on Late Night with Conan O’Brien early on in his career.

RobbShow: A conversation with comedian Carlos Mencia
Comedian Carlos Mencia joined me to talk all things comedy!

Carlos has made a career out of making the relatable, funny. How does one do that, when they’re a millionaire and no longer relatable? We discuss!

Plus, we talk if Mind of Mencia would work in 2020, how Carlos equates stand up to math, and how therapy helped turn Carlos into the Tony Robbins of stand up comedy!

Plus, plus: If you’re a comedian, or a fan of comedy, I suggest ya listen. Carlos drops some knowledge on the craft!

RobbShow: A conversation with MTV’s Tom Green
I fulfilled a life long dream. I interviewed one of my comedic heroes, Tom Green.

Tom talks his starting standup in at 15 years old, how he took a public access show out of Canada and got it onto MTV, if MTV banned “The Bum Bum Song” from T.R.L, what it’s like going back to stand up after a 10 year break, the greatest movie of all time: Freddie Got Fingered, and if he invented “planking.”