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Florida Man in need of ride calls 911, lies about finding body

WINTER HAVEN, Fla – 46-year-old Florida Man Jermaine Williams was arrested Friday, after calling 911 to report a dead body hoping cops would give him a ride home.

Winter Haven Police say the Florida Man called 911 early Friday morning, reporting there was a dead body at a local McDonald’s.

Officers responded to the fast food joint, where they found no body, but did find Williams sitting on a curb.

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The Florida Man told police he called 911 numerous times earlier in the night, asking for a ride home.

When no one came to pick him up, Williams decided to lie and say he found a dead body in hopes cops would give him a ride.

Winter Haven Police did give the Florida Man a ride, but it wasn’t home. They took him to the Polk County Jail, where he was charged with misuse of 911.

(SOURCE: CBS 12 News)

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