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FloridaMan finds air-to-air missile at airport

A mysterious air-to-air missile was discovered at the Lakeland Kinder International Airport on Friday.

The missile was found near Draken International, a defense contractor located at the airport.

The discovery of the weapon led to a partial evacuation of the airport.

The unarmed French S-530 air-to-air missile was moved to a munition storage facility at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

Brandon Hanner, the chief of media operations at MacDill, told The Ledger “it is secured and safe and they are just waiting on when and where they are going to dispose of the missile. Those details are yet to be solidified.”

According to Hanner, weapons like the one found in Lakeland are usually taken to the explosives range and detonated, however the missile found in Lakeland was deemed “too large” to be detonated at MacDill Air Force Base, so disposal logistics are “being planned out.”

(SOURCE: The Ledger)