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FloridaWoman attempts to kidnap neighbor’s infant in the middle of the night

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla – 28-year-old Hannah Braun was arrested on Tuesday after attempting to kidnap her neighbor’s 9-month-old child.

Braun was caught on the neighbor’s Ring doorbell cam just after 2AM, before she entered the neighbor’s home and tried to snatch the young child from his 12-year-old sister’s arms.

According to police, Braun first knocked on the door, before opening it and attempting to take the child out of the neighbor’s arms, however, the child’s mother was able to fight Braun off and call police.

Police arrived and took Braun into custody, where they learned that she had left two young children home alone.

A spokeswoman with the St. Petersburg Police Department wouldn’t reveal what the relationship of Braun is to the children, but the arrest report indicates one of the children stated “she lost her mommy,” and was scared.

This isn’t the first time this crazy bitch tried to kidnap a child in her own neighborhood. According to WFLA, another neighbor, Thelma Reynolds, claimed Braun did the same thing and tried to steal her baby.

Hannah was arrested and charged with:

  • One count of attempted kidnapping
  • One count of burglary with assault or battery
  • Two counts of neglect of a child without great bodily harm
  • One count of child abuse



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