RobbCast EP 30: Gimp Suit Man On Line 6
There is a man, dressed head-to-toe in a gimp suit, terrorizing a small English town.

He’s been harassing women, running up to them and breathing heavily, grunting and grabbing his crotch.

I found a phone number for him, so joining us on Line 6: The Gimp Suit Man!

RobbCast EP 29: Tatas for Tickets 3 – Brittney’s Big Ones
Another pair of Godsmack tickets means another rendition of America’s favorite new game: Tatas for Tickets!

24 year old Brittney, a blonde haired, blued eyed bartender from Fort Myers brought her boyfriend, and her triple D boobies, down to the radio station for tickets.

Brittney whips out her chesticles for tickets and for our listening pleasure!

RobbCast EP 28: 5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed
An article by Psychology Today lists the 5 mistakes men make in bed.

So I asked the dude listeners: what are things women do wrong in between the sheets?

From opening pleasure chests, to taking a dump on one fellas, you need to hear what some dudes want women to do differently!

RobbCast EP 27: Uganda Vagina Poem
A poem about the President of Uganda’s mother’s vagina was so graphic, it led to the imprisonment of Ugandan Feminist Stella Nyanzi.

Since I can’t say some of the filthy words Stella used, I asked the audience to suggest other terms for “vagina” that we could use. Then we read the poem.

Listen to the secret track at the end (not so secret now) where I read the entire poem, unedited!

RobbCast EP 26: Tatas for Tickets 2 – Leslie Swings Them To and Fro
37-year-old Leslie wanted to win her boyfriend Godsmack tickets. 

So I offered her a deal: come to the station and show me the funbags, and I’ll give ya tickets.  

Not only did Leslie show up with her 38 Double D chesticles, but she brought her boyfriend too. 

I think we made him a cuckold!