RobbCast EP 35: I Buy It, You Try It – The Ziggy Cup
A Swedish company has created a product that women can insert in their vaginas during their menstrual cycle, and it will allow them to have “spill free” sex with their partners. 

So I threw it out there – are there any women willing to try the Ziggy Cup if I buy it? Turns out, Kelly in Naples is game!

RobbCast EP 34: 6 Scary Things That Happens To Your Penis As You Age
What happens to your penis as you age?

I came across an article that covers the six scary things that happen to your penis. From cancer to delayed orgasms, we cover them all!

RobbCast EP 33: Masturbating At Work Stories
A man was fired from his job after 18 years for masturbating in the men’s room.

Which led me to wonder: are there any listeners who have flogged the dolphin at work?

One woman had sex with her boyfriend and it resulted in the cops being called!

RobbCast EP 32: Listener’s Lady Hole Jokes
The city of Berkley is gender neutralizing the term man-hole to maintenance hole. I say we let the ladies have this one, and man-holes will now be referred to as “lady holes.”

I asked the listeners to call in with their lady hole jokes. Some got the bit, many did not, but the best one won Korn tickets!

RobbCast EP 31: Tap It For Tickets 2 – Ya Gotta Tap It If Ya Want The Tickets
KoRn tickets up for grabs.

No ladies wanted to do Tatas For Tickets, so we offered the fellas a chance: can you tap it on the phone and I guess what song you’re tapping it to?

We had three contestants play: Angel, Jeff and Jake.

One turned out to be a cheater, one a loser and one a winner!