RobbCast EP 51: Bestiality…a deal breaker?
A woman in Houston is accused of having sex with a dog to celebrate the dog’s first birthday.

This raised an interested question – if you met your dream girl but it turns out she once had sex with a dog, could you look past it?

If you think I’m a creep, wait till you hear some of the answers from the listeners!

RobbCast EP 50: Southwest Florida’s Toughest Testes
Bollock Lifting is a sport where dudes attach weights to their testicles to see who can lift more.

So I issued a challenge to the fellas of Fort Myers: think you can out lift me?

Alotta dudes had the balls to accept the challenge, but not enough to use theirs!

RobbCast EP 49: It’s Not Gay, It’s Comfort
I’ve been mocked, ridiculed and bullied by the listeners because my girlfriend and I sleep in separate beds, in separate bedrooms on separate sides of the house. 

Does that make me gay? 

I don’t think so, but the listeners disagree!

RobbCast EP 48: A conversation with comedian Bob DiBuono
Comedian Bob DiBuono stopped by the show to talk touring with Kendrick Lamar, performing on-stage at Coachella and what it’s like to perform his impression of President Donald J. Trump on ABC’s “The View!”

RobbCast EP 47: Amber’s Chesticles and Uncomfortable Couples Fights
What’s worse than strikin’ out with a chick? Having it happen multiple times, on the radio, for everyone to hear.

Until Amber called in and offered her chesticles for Disturbed tickets!

Plus, I cause a fight at a friend’s house over snacks and podcasting.

RobbCast EP 46: A conversation with a guy who owns a sex doll
An article claims people are getting sex dolls to look more like their friends wives and girlfriends, then celebrities.   

So we opened the phones: if you won your own sex doll, who would ya have it designed by?

A conversation about Real Dolls led to a conversation with a man who bought one for $8,000 ten years ago!