Tatas For Tickets
A game for the ladies! Women come down and show off their “chesticles” in exchange for concert tickets

RobbShow Tatas for Tickets 3 – Brittney’s Big Ones
Another pair of Godsmack tickets means another rendition of America’s favorite new game: Tatas for Tickets!

24 year old Brittney, a blonde haired, blued eyed bartender from Fort Myers brought her boyfriend, and her triple D boobies, down to the radio station for tickets.

Brittney whips out her chesticles for tickets and for our listening pleasure!

RobbShow: Tatas for Tickets 2 – Leslie Swings Them To and Fro
37-year-old Leslie wanted to win her boyfriend Godsmack tickets. 

So I offered her a deal: come to the station and show me the funbags, and I’ll give ya tickets.  

Not only did Leslie show up with her 38 Double D chesticles, but she brought her boyfriend too. 

I think we made him a cuckold!

RobbShow: Tatas For Tickets Round 1 – Carly
18-year-old Nina and 21-year-old nursing student Carly came down to the radio station to play “Tatas for Tickets.”

“Tatas for Tickets” is where ladies show their chesticles in return for concert tickets!

Carly stepped up to the plate and whipped out her beautiful Triple D boobs and won tickets!