RobbShowTV EP 6: Scary slugs, secrets from the past, and a wager for a tasing
Comedians Nathan Wallace, Rob Churchill and Kyle Raymond all join the show!

We discuss fecal facials, Rob’s fear of slugs and snakes, an old friend calls in with dirt on one of the guys, we cover Dumb Dicks in the News and someone agrees to be tasered for $100.00!

RobbShowTV EP5: Man who was chased by a Mountain Lion, Weird Weiner News, Where’d He Stick It
I’m joined by comedian Nathan Wallace, and owner of the Laugh In Comedy Cafe, David Gregory!

We have a Zoom interview with Kyle Burgess, he’s the dude who went viral for having a mountain lion follow him for 6 minutes.

Plus, we cover all of the Dumb Dicks that are in the news!

RobbShowTV EP 3: Nathan Wallace, Rob Churchill & a Gal that Toots Tunes
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Rob Churchill will be hanging out!  

I’ll tell ya how I almost got beat up by a Navy seal, how a fart landed a man in jail, and we’ll hear from the Grim Queefer: a woman who can play tunes in toot form!

RobbShowTV EP 2: Pastor-turned-stripper & the crazy Alaskan news anchor
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Raab Russel join me!  

We play audio of a crazy Alaskan news anchor who threatens to kill the Mayor of Anchorage, who is also her lover, and maybe a pedophile?  

Nikole Mitchell, a pastor-turned-stripper, joins us via Zoom (kinda) to plug her OnlyFans account, and teach us about the Lord!  

We recap the weird #FloridaMan stories from this week, including:

  • A mom who attacks a pregnant bus assistant
  • A man who was caught with bestiality porn
  • A student who was diagnosed with Corona Virus (but it was really her period)
  • A public pooper is on the loose!

RobbShowTV EP 1: Bangin’ Ellen, calling Bill Burr & a priest gets cornholed
Comedian Nathan Wallace joined me to cover:

  • People upset with Bill Burr’s Saturday Night Live monologue. I have a phone number for him, so we gave ol’ freckles a call.
  • Ellen DeGeneres is a monster, but would we bang her for $490 million?
  • A female preacher turned stripper could make anyone believe in God.
  • A priest gets caught gettin’ cornholed by a dominatrix on a church alter.