RobbShowTV EP 12: Raab’s anal enemas and Rob’s into manly chicks – with Raab Russell and Kyle Raymond
Comedian Raab Russell and Kyle Raymond join me in-studio!

We find out Raab is into doing coffee enemas, Rob is into women who look like dudes, and we cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News!

RobbShowTV EP 11: Fat shamed by fat guys, vile viral videos and a dude marries a sex doll
Joined by Rob Churchill and David Gregory!

Rob was fat shamed by two fat guys; a Russian man married his sex doll, and we find weird photos of him on the internetz; Rob Churchill watches a viral, and vile video; there’s mysterious monoliths popping up around the globe; and we cover some Dumb Dicks in the News!

RobbShowTV EP 10: Wawa coffee scam, nude sleepovers and getting high with our parents
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Kristina Montuori in-studio!

We discuss a potential Wawa coffee loophole; Rob sleeps nude on the bottom bunk and everyone’s weird about it; Kristina almost lost her job as a meteorologist because of a soda; and we talk about getting baked with our parents!

RobbShowTV EP 8: Doody drawers, Hot Murderers and Dumb Dicks from the News!
Comedians Rob Churchill and Jojo Casillas join me!

We discuss Rob’s $100 GoFundMe to get tased, why one of us ended up with doody drawers after a night of drinking, and we cover all the Dumb Dicks from the News, including;

– Televangelist Kenneth Copeland loses it while discussing the Biden / Trump election results.

– Candy Jo Webb is a cute murdered, but could we sleep with her?

– Helicopter crashes on the roof of a hospital, doctors drop heart meant for transplant

– Police chase man on Van Nuys Airport Run way

RobbShowTV EP 7: 911 call of a man who saw aliens, tasing Rob Churchill & Florida Man stories
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Devin Papayiannis join me!  

We have exclusive audio of a 911 call from a FloridaMan who claims he saw aliens!

Plus, we have an update on our fundraising attempts to raise $100 to tase Rob Churchill, we cover all the weird things that happened this week in the sunshine state, and Nathan leaves a voicemail as Oprah on Eric Trump’s voicemail!