RobbShowTV EP 17: Comics who steal rooms – with Jojo Casillas and Rob Churchill
On the couch: Jojo Casillas and Rob Churchill

Rob has another comic steal from him; we talk the high’s and lows of comedy; cover some Dumb Dicks in the News; and we cover the weird Florida Man and Florida Woman stories. 

RobbShowTV EP 16: Epic meltdowns & Crooked Christmas Trees – with Raab Russell & Jason Damm
On the couch: Raab Russel & Jason Damm!

Rob’s got a crooked Christmas tree; we celebrate a comedy anniversary; we do the math on how Jewish Rob’s son is; and we cover the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:
– Maine man with a ladies name, Alice Sweet, robs a McDonald’s with a chainsaw. 
– Two British lads get a pot farm busted after accidentally showing cops footage of the farm. 
– Tom Cruise is caught on tape having a meltdown, but he’s not wrong!

Plus, we cover all the weird Florida Woman stories, including: 
– Florida Woman Kayli Rachelle Feagle gets busted for DUI, tells officer’s she drinks at work.
– Florida Woman Avril Renee Toye steals electric shopping cart from Walmart, gets busted, tells cops she’s “handicapped.”
– Florida Woman Danette Marie Skutak wins golf cart from vodka company, flips it while drunk, sends friend to the hospital.
– Florida Woman Allison Murphy charged with animal abuse after throwing her dog off a balcony…and it’s caught on film.
– Florida Woman Crista Mahar is arrested for punching her roommate, threatening to kill the arresting officer’s family.
– Florida Woman Vanessa Lee Jones is caught masturbating in public for the second time in three months.

RobbShowTV EP 15: Dumb Dicks in the News & Florida Man stories – with Rob Churchill & Patrick Garrity
On the couch: Rob Churchill & Patrick Garrity!

We cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:
– A man who fell off the wing of a commercial jet at a Las Vegas airport
– Cops go undercover as Santa to bust shoplifters in Riverside, CA
– A New Jersey man creates a hail cannon to help protect his vineyard from weather and birds
– A real bad Santa: Prince Carter, a man who played Santa at a Connecticut mall, gets arrested for exposing his penis
– A Georgia man stabs a Dunkin Donuts worker when they’re out of his favorite donut

Plus, we cover all the Florida Man stories that happened this week in the Sunshine State, including:
– Florida Men claim golf ball landed on alligator’s tail, proceed to remove it
– Florida Man Jonathan Hernandez dies during a home invasion after a window falls and closes on him
– Florida Man Brendon Dawson is accused of breaking into his ex girlfriend’s home, hiding camera to spy on her with
– Florida Man Austin Kameron Mayer is arrested after beating up a dude up while nude, drunk and pissing on himself

RobbShowTV EP 14: Dongolith and the Secret Shopper Scam – with Kyle Raymond & David Gregory
Joined by David Gregory and Kyle Raymond!

Rob was sexually assaulted with plastic boobs from a fella in drag, friend of the show Cheeseburger calls in to discuss how he made a living as a bootlegger; we watch Russian singer Vitas and it reminds David of when he tripped on shrooms and thought his girlfriend was going to stab him; and Rob has a million dollar dildo idea – the “Dongolith.”

RobbShowTV EP 13: Aliens exist and large soccer ladies – with Rob Churchill and Raab Russell
Comedians Rob Churchill and Raab Russell join me!

Israeli Professor and Retired General Haim Eshed, a former head of the Israeli Space Program, claims aliens exist, we’re in cahoots with them, and there’s a secret underground space base on Mars.

Plus, monoliths are appearing across the globe. Could it be aliens, or marketing for the next great sex toy promotion: Monolith Dildos; the British babe accused of having sex with a 14-year-old that she thought was 16 is acquitted; and we cover the all the weird FloridaMan things that happened here in the sunshine state.