Mullet festival & Water Pipes | RobbShowTV EP 22
On the couch: Raab Russell and TJ Noonan!

– Raab goes to a mullet festival to tell jokes while on shrooms

– An expensive water pipe gets broken in record time

– Ricky Gervais wants to get eaten by lions

– Dudes are injecting the Corona Virus vaccine into their penises

– Your testicles could be worth $70,000 

– The weird Florida Woman stories from this week

– Dumb Dicks in the News!

Disney Divorce & Gettin’ Arrested By Your Dad | RobbShowTV EP 21
On the couch: Rob Churchill, Griffin Thomas and TJ Noonan!

TJ’s been served divorce papers by his wife of 17 years. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, they’ve been separated for 2 years.

What does come as a surprise is what split up the marriage: a divorce over Disney World? TJ tells all!

Plus, Rob reveals the time he got arrested by his own father after being caught operating a CD theft ring; an unidentified flying object is seen above the skies of Hawaii, before it drops into the ocean below; part of the COVID-19 relief bill is a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosures; Griffin talks about the time he met Rowdy Roddy Pipper; and we cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:
– Indian comedian Munawar Faruqui is beaten and arrested for making fun of the Hindu religion.

– A man named Thomas Dodd got drunk and legally changed his name to Celine Dion.

– Florida Man David Mann tries to cover up pissing his pants while drinking by spraying himself with a fire extinguisher.

RobbShowTV EP 20: Twisted Tea Remixes & Rob the Dildo
On the couch: TJ Noonan, Kyle Raymond and Jason Damm!

We talk strip clubs and why we don’t go to them, Kyle once saw a porn star sit on a dude’s face in person, we play some of the awesome Twisted Tea remixes, and we cover the Dumb Dicks in the News and weird Florida Man stories, including:
– California man Victor Topete was arrested after a two day crime spree that involved numerous car jackings, a kidnapping, being run over TWICE, leaping over a 20 foot ledge and being subdued by police dogs.

– An Indonesian nurse is under fire for having gay sex with a COVID infected patient while the patient was in the hospital.

– Kazakhstan body builder Yuri Tolochko may not spend Christmas with his wife, a sex doll, after he broke her.

– 75 pounds of cocaine washing ashore in the Florida Keys

– A Florida Man steals hot chicken wings from a 7/11

– Florida Man Jonathan Day is arrested after chucking golf clubs out of his vehicle while on a highway

– Florida Man Tremayne Tyrone Nettles Jr. is arrested after trying to eat the weed he was selling. 

RobbShowTV EP 19: Diaper Dudes & Rob’s Rochester Ménage à Trois – with Kristina Montuori and Kyle Raymond
On the couch: Kristina Montuori and Kyle Raymond!

There’s a dude into diaper fetishes, we talk to a new listener named Shorty in Maine, Kristina talks about an acid trip at Disney gone wrong, and we cover some weird Florida Man stories, including:

– Florida Man Christopher Fritz was nude and covered in blood when he broke into a Cape Coral home.

– Florida Man Craig Fulton likes to dress like Elf on a Shelf…and it’s disturbing.

– Florida Woman Clarissa Bohanan gets popped for driving with fentanyl and kids in the car.

RobbShowTV EP 18: Hung Lee & rollercoaster sex – with Luke Trotta and David Gregory
On the couch: Luke Trotta and David Gregory!

We talk the existence of aliens and meet a new caller named Hung Lee; Luke likes to have sex with girls in cars, while David likes to do it on rollercoasters; and we cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:

– An LAPD officer gets caught on a hot mic having sex, so we play the audio!

– Wildlife researcher Gotz Neef gets attacked by a lion, gets fucked up fighting it off.

– Cory Saddlemire and Annette Mayer get arrested after paying a 14-year-old in weed to shovel their snow.