RobbShowTV EP 3: Nathan Wallace, Rob Churchill & a Gal that Toots Tunes
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Rob Churchill will be hanging out!  

I’ll tell ya how I almost got beat up by a Navy seal, how a fart landed a man in jail, and we’ll hear from the Grim Queefer: a woman who can play tunes in toot form!

RobbShowTV EP 2: Pastor-turned-stripper & the crazy Alaskan news anchor
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Raab Russel join me!  

We play audio of a crazy Alaskan news anchor who threatens to kill the Mayor of Anchorage, who is also her lover, and maybe a pedophile?  

Nikole Mitchell, a pastor-turned-stripper, joins us via Zoom (kinda) to plug her OnlyFans account, and teach us about the Lord!  

We recap the weird #FloridaMan stories from this week, including:

  • A mom who attacks a pregnant bus assistant
  • A man who was caught with bestiality porn
  • A student who was diagnosed with Corona Virus (but it was really her period)
  • A public pooper is on the loose!

RobbShowTV EP 1: Bangin’ Ellen, calling Bill Burr & a priest gets cornholed
Comedian Nathan Wallace joined me to cover:

  • People upset with Bill Burr’s Saturday Night Live monologue. I have a phone number for him, so we gave ol’ freckles a call.
  • Ellen DeGeneres is a monster, but would we bang her for $490 million?
  • A female preacher turned stripper could make anyone believe in God.
  • A priest gets caught gettin’ cornholed by a dominatrix on a church alter.