RobbShowTV EP 27: Fun with telemarketers, Laura the Anal Queen and TJ’s terrible story
On the couch: David Gregory and TJ Noonan!

A telemarketer named Dustin Hoffman calls and talks to Rob’s three different personalities, an OnlyFans model named Laura the Anal Queen plays Guess the Cherry, TJ tells a horrible story about the first time he got concussed and we cover the Dumb Dicks in the News and weird Florida Man stories from this week!

Racist Lehigh Acres lady, kidnapping friends & chests of porn | RobbShowTV EP 26
On the couch: Jamie Morgan, David Gregory and TJ Noonan!

Jamie and David plan to kidnap a friend, a racist Lehigh Acres woman named Gina Brashear makes national headlines for defending her use of the n-word, and we discuss the case of Zanny the Nanny and what Casey Anthony was really up to.

Rob has an adult accident and tells Jamie and David about it, and David reveals the time he filled a backpack while stuck in traffic. TI-83 plus and all!

A Florida Man loses cell phone, gets arrested when cops see what’s on it.

Plus, David is surprised when Rob and Jamie tell him about chests of porn; an NBA player gets a finger in his butt and a knob grab during a game; and we’re shocked to find out how much Kevin Federline gets a month from ex-wife Brittney Spears!

Mugshot collections, pants poopin’ and What’s In My Ass Right Now? | RobbShowTV EP 25
On the couch: Kyle Raymond, Stacey Steele and TJ Noonan!

TJ’s banned from being on cam for doing back porch activities on-air so we decide to peruse his mugshot collection in the Lee County Sheriff’s database. 

Rob has an accident while driving and listening to Hootie and the Blowfish and Stacey proves girls poop too during a bagel run.

Rob has an idea for a Guinness World Record Stacey invents a new game: What’s In My Ass Right Now?!

Plus we play Drunk, Drugs or Crazy with Jacob Curry, a Pennsylvania man who was arrested after wielding a .50 caliber muzzleloader as he searched for an imaginary man in a Walmart parking lot.

We cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including: a man who robs a bank thru the drive thru, an attorney gets in trouble for giving murder advice on Facebook, a TSA agent is arrested for tricking women to show him their breasts and a woman calls 911 when McDonalds won’t let her order breakfast!

David Gregory – Serial Killer? | RobbShowTV EP 24
On the couch: David Gregory and J.F. Harris!

David tells tales of his days as a carnie and what led to him sleeping outside of a McDonald’s in Atlantic City, Rob finds nothing wrong with a step mother marrying her own step son,  J.F. Harris talks about strange things he’s seen on the New York City subway, and David tells us a creepy story about the time he stalked and plotted the murder of a stranger!

Stripper Tortilla & Pervert Price is Right | RobbShowTV EP 23
On the couch: Cris Machado and TJ Noonan!

– Rob knew a girl who did “backdoor” sex in a hammock in high school and earned the nickname “Danal.”

– Cris on a stripper use a tortilla as toilet paper. 

– TJ makes things awkward by staring at Cris’ penis. Multiple times. For no reason.

– Hackers take control of a bluetooth controlled chastity device and extort users for Bitcoins or they won’t release their junk.

– We play a round of Pervert Price is Right!

– Colorado sex offender Nathan Wood gets caught checking out German child porn on the dark web on an iPad at the Apple Store.

– Caleb Burczyk, a 29 year old from North Dakota, threatened to kill a former co-worker after he refused to accept his Facebook friend request

– Hichman Asfir stabs a Walmart employee after the employee scans the man’s item for purchase.

– Cris has his $2,500 bike stolen.

– Rob replaces a broken water pipe just hours after buying it.

– One of us has wiping issues, and no one seems to know what the solution is.

Plus, we cover all of the weird Florida Man stories from the week!