RobbShowTV EP 17: Clip 2 – Dumb Dicks in the News
On the couch: Jojo Casillas and Rob Churchill!

We cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:
– New Orleans man Rutledge Deas IV has been arrested for pretending to be disabled to trick women into changing his diaper.

– Michigan man David Werking sues his parents, Beth and Paul, for throwing out his $25,000 collection of porn mags and dildos.

– Robin White, who dubbed himself Papa Smurf because of vast collection of Smurf dolls and memorabilia, is arrested for kid touching.

RobbShowTV EP 17: Clip 1 – Cologne buttholes
On the couch: Jojo Casillas and Rob Churchill!

Jojo wants Rob to hire Mexicans to put together his girlfriend’s spin bike; Rob  sprayed cologne on his butthole in anticipation of a sex act; Jojo hates Lowes and Churchill’s never been to a Rickles; and everyone agrees – Wawa is high end dining in a gas station setting.

RobbShowTV EP 16: Clip 3 – Florida Woman Stories
On the couch: Raab Russel & Jason Damm!  

We cover all the weird Florida Woman stories, including: 
– Florida Woman Kayli Rachelle Feagle gets busted for DUI, tells officer’s she drinks at work.
– Florida Woman Avril Renee Toye steals electric shopping cart from Walmart, gets busted, tells cops she’s “handicapped.”
– Florida Woman Danette Marie Skutak wins golf cart from vodka company, flips it while drunk, sends friend to the hospital.
– Florida Woman Allison Murphy charged with animal abuse after throwing her dog off a balcony…and it’s caught on film.
– Florida Woman Crista Mahar is arrested for punching her roommate, threatening to kill the arresting officer’s family.
– Florida Woman Vanessa Lee Jones is caught masturbating in public for the second time in three months.