RobbShowTV EP 19: Clip 1 – Shorty from Maine & the Headless Dan
On the couch: Kristina Montuori and Kyle Raymond!

New Orleans weirdo Rutledge Deas was arrested after pretending to be mentally disabled so women would change his diaper, so we talk weird fetishes!

Plus, we talk to a new listener in Maine called Shorty who grows weed legally!

And….we discuss one of the first weird internet videos: Headless Dan

RobbShowTV EP 18: Clip 3 – Dumb Dicks in the News
On the couch: Luke Trotta and David Gregory!  

We cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:  

– An LAPD officer gets caught on a hot mic having sex, so we play the audio!

– Wildlife researcher Gotz Neef gets attacked by a lion, gets fucked up fighting it off.

– Cory Saddlemire and Annette Mayer get arrested after paying a 14-year-old in weed to shovel their snow.

RobbShowTV EP 18: Clip 2 – Alex Jones & ladies with mustaches
On the couch: Luke Trotta and David Gregory!  

Luke and Rob try to convince David 9/11 was an inside job, David talks about conspiracies Alex Jones was right about, and we discuss a friend’s odd attraction to women with mustaches.

RobbShowTV EP 18: Clip 1 – Aggressive gay lovers and Hung Lee
On the couch: David Gregory and Luke Trotta

David explains why he’d be an abusive gay lover, we talk disclosure and if aliens exist, and a new fan of the show named Hung Lee calls in!

RobbShowTV EP 17: Clip 3 – Florida Man & Florida Woman stories
On the couch: Jojo Casillas and Rob Churchill!

We cover all the weird Florida Man and Florida Woman news, including:
– Florida Woman Olivia Blanco makes $1.7 million talking with a sexy accent to guys on OnlyFans.

– Florida Woman Catherine Ann McKinney gets nude, breaks into a mans home, gets arrested.

– Florida Woman Demi Dirda pretends someone else is driving after being pulled over, problem is, there’s no one else in the car.

– Florida Man Jeffrey Rouse only gets 120 days in jail after facing 8 years for a racist tirade caught on tape.

– Florida Man Jason Michael Babcock gets handsy with his wife after coming home to a messy trailer. 

– Florida Man Alexander Pottorff gets arrested for DUI after passing out in his car drunk, with his son in the vehicle.