RobbShowTV EP 20: Clip 3 – Twisted Tea Remixes
On the couch: TJ Noonan, Kyle Raymond and Jason Damm!

By now, everyone has seen the Twisted Tea video from Elyria, OH. But have you seen the Twisted Tea remixes? 

We found a bunch and played them!

RobbShowTV EP 20: Clip 2 – Bonnie Rotten’s face sitting & Rob the dildo
On the couch: TJ Noonan, Kyle Raymond and Jason Damm.

Kyle explains why they clean the pole at strip clubs and calls Rob a dildo, and we hear about the time someone watched porn star Bonnie Rotten sit on a dude’s face at a strip club. 

RobbShowTV EP 20: Clip 1 – Strip Club stories & Jason Damm rides a jet ski
On the couch: TJ Noonan, Jason Damm and Kyle Raymond!

We find out TJ has kids, which is a shock to everyone; Rob tells the story of when he spent $1,500 on a stripper; and we discuss what we’re gonna spend our $600 stimulus checks on!

RobbShowTV EP 19: Clip 3 – Rob’s neighbors get car jacked & weird Florida Man stories
On the couch: Kristina Montuori and Kyle Raymond!

Rob’s neighbors got carjacked in the middle of the afternoon, and we cover some weird Florida Man stories, including:  

– Florida Man Christopher Fritz was nude and covered in blood when he broke into a Cape Coral home.

– Florida Man Craig Fulton likes to dress like Elf on a Shelf…and it’ disturbing.

– Florida Woman Clarissa Bohanan gets popped for driving with fentanyl and kids in the car.

RobbShowTV EP 19: Clip 2 – Watching weird porn & Rob’s Rochester Ménage à Trois
On the couch: Kristina Montuori and Kyle Raymond!  

Kristina likes to Google random porn and see what turns her on, Rob talks about the one time he was involved in group sex with two lesbians, and Rob apologizes to Kristina over an incident at a comedy show.