Danal & Tortilla Toilet Paper | RobbShowTV EP 23: Clip 1
On the couch: Cris Machado and TJ Noonan!

– Rob knew a girl who did “backdoor” sex in a hammock in high school and earned the nickname “Danal.”

– Cris on a stripper use a tortilla as toilet paper. 

– TJ makes things awkward by staring at Cris’ penis. Multiple times. For no reason

Gettin’ stuffed & Dumb Dicks in the News | RobbShowTV EP 22: Clip 3
On the couch: Raab Russell and TJ Noonan!  

– Ricky Gervais wants to his body fed to lions when he dies and Rob wants to be “stuffed.”

– Dudes are being warned not to inject the COVID-19 vaccine into their dicks.

– Sperm donations are running low and Raab considered selling his testicles.

– Houston woman Alize James if filmed clinging to the hood of getaway car after theifs steal a $10,000 puppy.

TJ’s mic gets shut off & Florida Woman stories | RobbShowTV EP 22: Clip 2
On the couch: Raab Russell and TJ Noonan!  

We cover this week’s weird Florida Woman stories, including:

– Florida Woman Ashley Limbert loses her mind over a Trump flag, beats man with can of dog food.

– Florida Murderer Casey Anthony starts investigation firm in South Florida.

– Florida Mom Erin Rodriguez gets busted for DUI in the drop off line at school, cops body cam captures her epic meltdown!

Mullet fest recap & the c-sucker | RobbShowTV EP 22: Clip 1
On the couch: Raab Russell and TJ Noonan!  

– Raab recaps his trip to Mullet Fest. 

– Rob calls a guy a c-sucker and isn’t proud of it

– Let’s try absinthe!

Dumb Dicks in the News | RobbShowTV EP 21: Clip 4
On the couch: Rob Churchill, Griffin Thomas and TJ Noonan!

We cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:

– Indian comedian Munawar Faruqui is beaten and arrested for making fun of the Hindu religion.

– A man named Thomas Dodd got drunk and legally changed his name to Celine Dion.

– Florida Man David Mann tries to cover up pissing his pants while drinking by spraying himself with a fire extinguisher.