Is It Incest? | RobbShowTV EP 24: Clip 2
On the couch: David Gregory and J.F. Harris!

J.F. talks about living in New York City and the weird things he’s seen on the Subway.

Plus, a fight on the NYC subway tracks leads to a man being electrocuted to death, a Russian influencer Marina Balmasheva marries her step-son, and we discuss Is It Incest?

Bad Tattoos & David’s life as a carnie | RobbShowTV EP 24: Clip 1
On the couch: David Gregory and J.F. Harris!

David was straight edge until he was 27, J.F. Harris shows off his tattoos and Rob’s baby mama has a terrible one, and David tells us about his life as a carnie and what led to him sleeping outside of a McDonald’s in Atlantic City. 

Florida Man stories | RobbShowTV EP 23: Clip 4
On the couch: Cris Machado and TJ Noonan!

We cover all of the weird Florida Man stories from the week, including:

– Beef thief Roice Dean Brenay is arrested after he’s caught stealing meat from the Winn-Dixie he worked at.

– Florida Man Joseph Prohaska is arrested after riding an airboat on the streets of Brevard County, before shooting off fireworks and threatening to kill cops.

– Florida Man Scott Anthony Massa is arrested for arson after he tried to light a house on fire, and instead, lit himself on fire!

– Florida Man Jacoby Smart gets kicked out of Escapes Gentleman’s Club for filming strippers and fighting with bouncers.

– Florida Man Romney Christopher Ellis is arrested after sending a dead rat to his ex-wife and stalking her.

Stolen bikes & Wiping issues | RobbShowTV EP 23: Clip 3
On the couch: Cris Machado and TJ Noonan!

– Cris has his $2,500 bike stolen.

– Rob replaces a broken water pipe just hours after buying it.

– One of us has wiping issues, and no one seems to know what the solution is.

Pervert Price is Right & Dumb Dicks in the News | RobbShowTV EP 23: Clip 2
On the couch: Cris Machado & TJ Noonan!

– Hackers take control of a bluetooth controlled chastity device and extort users for Bitcoins or they won’t release their junk.

– We play a round of Pervert Price is Right!

– Colorado sex offender Nathan Wood gets caught checking out German child porn on the dark web on an iPad at the Apple Store.

– Caleb Burczyk, a 29 year old from North Dakota, threatened to kill a former co-worker after he refused to accept his Facebook friend request

– Hichman Asfir stabs a Walmart employee after the employee scans the man’s item for purchase