RobbShowTV EP 6: Clip 1 – New radio job & Nathan’s fecal facial
Comedian Nathan Wallace hangs out!

We discuss the build up to the 2020 Presidential Election, why I’m afraid of snails, Nathan got a fecal facial, and we talk about my new job in Harrisburg, PA

RobbShowTV EP 5: Clip 4 – There’s no BFin’ in Heaven and Dumb Dicks in the News
Is Eddie Van Halen having more fun in Heaven then on Earth? Not if you believe Nathan’s theory: there’s no BFin’ in Heaven!

Plus, we cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including:

– A Dodger’s fan runs over another Dodger’s fan while celebrating the team’s World Series win!

– Two people die during a car stunt gone wrong.

– Lashonda Griffin is a bus driver who was busted for DUI (with kids on the bus)

– Tennessee man Hugh Seeber gets busted for theft after leaving his thumb at the scene of the crime!

– A German man pepper sprays people to enforce social distancing

RobbShowTV EP 5: Clip 3 – Interview with Kyle Burgess, who was chased by a mountain lion for 6 mins
We have a Zoom interview with Kyle Burgess!

Kyle is the dude who went viral after filming a Mountain Lion stalking him for 6 minutes while he was hiking on a trail.

Kyle joins us to talk about what it’s like going viral, if he’s been chased by other animals, and I invite him to Florida to get weird with some gators so we can go viral together.

RobbShowTV EP 5: Clip 2 – First time seeing boobs and stank ass feet
During a discussion of the first boobs we’ve seen, we learn someone on the show has some rank ass feet!  

Plus, we talk about a comedian eating it on an electric scooter, an example of what can go wrong when being a slut, and Nathan tells us about the time he saw his neighbor dancing at a strip club!

RobbShowTV EP 5: Clip 1 – Nathan’s big TV interview with ABC 7
We are in the presence of media royalty!  

Fort Myers’ own Nathan Wallace appeared on ABC 7 to promote a comedy show that he is REALLY excited for!