RobbShowTV EP 7: Clip 3 – This week’s Florida Man stories
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Devin Papayiannis join me!

We cover this week’s Florida Man stories, including:  

– FloridaMan Dwight Turner paid $150 to have a “full contact experience” with a leopard.

– An unidentified FloridaMan is on the run after blowing up $3 million dollars worth of garbage trucks and starting fires.

– FloridaMan and former sheriffs deputy Christopher Dougherty is taking to the mental ward after giving children exorcism, arming them, telling them demons were coming for them.

– FloridaMan Geoffrey Gomm gets into argument with his wife, rams his car into a deputy’s before being arrested.

RobbShowTV EP 7: Clip 2 – Update on the $100 GoFundMe to tase Rob Churchill
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Devin Papayiannis join me!

Nathan talks about the time he was almost victim to a home invasion, we find deadly discounted weapons on the web, and an update on the $100 GoFundMe to tase Rob Churchill!

RobbShow TV EP 7: Clip 1 – FloridaMan James Fleurant calls 911, tells them he’s seeing aliens
#FloridaMan James Fleurant calls 911 to report that he saw aliens in Indian River County, before telling the 911 operator he would go all “Independence Day” on their asses if he needed too!

RobbShowTV EP 6: Clip 3 – Dumb Dicks in the News & Rob agrees to get tased
Comedians Nathan Wallace, Rob Churchill and Kyle Raymond all join the show!

There’s a ton of Dumb Dicks in the News, including:   

– Fraudsters dupe Indian doctor Laeek Khan into buying an Aladdin-style magical wish-granting lamp for $92,000  

– Catherine Maijala covered her care-dependent husband with kitty litter after he defecates on the floor.

– Texan Camilo Morejon kills three people after filming himself drinking while driving, proclaims he “drives better drunk.”

– Spirit Airlines flight erupts into chaotic fight over masks, woman tased.  

Plus, Rob Churchill agrees to be tased for $100. Can we raise the money?

RobbShowTV EP 6: Clip 2 – Strip clubs & a fake news phone caller
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Rob Churchill in-studio!

We talk going to strip clubs and why some of us should stay home, a caller from someone’s past calls in with old secrets, and one of us got finger in a place they didn’t want it following a comedy show.