RobbShow TV EP 10: Clip 2 – Getting fired from jobs & a very Nathey Christmas
Comedians Nathan Wallace and Kristina Montuori join me in-studio!

Kristina is a former meteorologist and talks about how she almost got fired for upsetting a sponsor on-air. Plus, Nathan debuts some new Christmas jingles, part of “A Very Nathey Christmas”

RobbShowTV EP 10: Clip 1 – The Wawa coffee scam
Comedian Nathan Wallace in-studio!

Rob thinks he uncovers a free coffee loophole at Wawa, but it turns out Nathan’s been doing it for years.

Plus, Wawa calls and complains about the not so secret, secret coffee scam.

RobbShowTV EP 8: Clip 3 – Dumb Dicks from the News
Comedians Rob Churchill and Jojo Casillas join me!  We cover all the Dumb Dicks From The News, including:

– Televangelist Kenneth Copeland loses it while discussing the Biden / Trump election results.

– Candy Jo Webb is a cute murdered, but could we sleep with her?

– Helicopter crashes on the roof of a hospital, doctors drop heart meant for transplant

– Police chase man on Van Nuys Airport Run way

RobbShowTV EP 8: Clip 2 – We try to feed a dude to piranhas
Comedians Rob Churchill and Jojo Casillas join me!

A friend of the show, TJ Noonan, calls in to offer his body up for some stunts. We see how far he’ll go, including peeing on an electric fence, hammering a nail thru his hand and will he let us feed him to piranhas? 

RobbShowTV EP 8: Clip 1 – Doody drawers and a night in jail
Comedians Rob Churchill and Jojo Casillas join me!

We have a financial update for Rob’s GoFundMe taser challenge! Plus, one of us got black out drunk, shat in our pants, and ended up in jail. Find out how and why!