RobbShowTV EP 14: Clip 1 – A million dollar dildo idea, called “The Dongolith”
Joined by David Gregory and Kyle Raymond!  

Monoliths are in the news. They’re popping up everywhere.  So Rob has a million dollar dildo idea – “The Dongolith.”   

Get ready Mark Cuban, we’ve got an idea for the Shark Tank!

RobbShowTV EP 13: Clip 2 – FloridaMan robs store by hiding in it, FloridaMan tells cops to pinch his nips, FloridaMan punches elderly umpire
Comedians Rob Churchill and Raab Russell join me!  

We cover all the weird nonsense that happened in the Sunshine State, including:

– Florida Man Joseph Lancaster gets arrested, tells cops to pinch his nips

– Florida Man hides in store, steals $250K after it closes

– Florida Man blares Cops theme song while getting arrested for street racing

– Florida Man Aaron Charles Dvorak punched an elderly umpire during a softball game

RobbShowTV EP 13: Clip 1 – Israeli Space Official Haim Eshed says aliens exist and monolith sex toys
Comedians Raab Russell and Rob Churchill join me!

Israeli Professor and Retired General Haim Eshed, a former head of the Israeli Space Program, claims aliens exist, we’re in cahoots with them and there’s a secret underground space base on Mars.

Plus, monoliths are appearing across the globe. Could it be aliens, or marketing for the next great sex toy promotion: Monolith Dildos?

RobbShowTV EP 12 – Clip 2: Rob’s attraction to lady fellas & Dumb Dicks in the News
Raab Russell and Kyle Raymond join me in-studio!

We learn I have an attraction to ladies who may or may not have been fellas. 

Plus we cover all the Dumb Dicks in the News, including: a man spreads fake sperm on his neighbors stuff, a woman forced a man to eat dog food after he steals her vibrator and an Alabama woman stabs herself in her naughty bits with a butcher knife.

RobbShowTV EP 12: Clip 1 – Coffee Enemas & Masturbation Tips and Tricks w/ Raab Russell
Comedians Raab Russell and Kyle Raymond join the show!

During a conversation about Cuban coffee, Raab reveals that he likes to give himself coffee enemas. 

We got into the nitty gritty, including the tools he uses and the positions he gets in, to clean out his derriere with decaf.