RobbShowTV EP3: Clip 5 – Florida Man and Florida Woman stories
We cover all the Florida Man and Florida Woman stories that happened over the weekend, including:  

– Florida Man’s leaf blower, mop bucket, umbrella mobile 

– Florida Man’s fist fight with a Yelp reviewer 

– Florida Man’s lawn mower sexual assault 

– Florida Man calls clerk “silly bitch” then sprays them in the face with sanitizer 

– Florida Man proposes to stripper during her shift 

– Florida Men get busted for theft after leaving wallet and ID behind

RobbShowTV EP 3: Clip 4 – We play Drunk, Drugs or Crazy and What’s In The Prison Purse
We play Drunk, Drugs or Crazy! – A Kansas teen got nude, covered himself in Ranch dressing, destroyed a store, then crashed a car before being arrested. Was he drunk, on drugs, or crazy at the time the crime was committed?

Plus, we play What’s In The Prison Purse? – Brazilian Senator Chico Rodrigues was arrested, caught hiding something in his prison purse during a raid for misuse of COVID-19 response funding. What’d Chico have hiding in his derriere?

RobbShowTV EP3: Clip 3 – Girl Toots Tunes, Fart Stories, Rob Churchill’s secret talent
A girl on TikTok by the name of Grim Queefer can toot songs with her vagina!

Plus, a Bulgarian Uber driver gets deported after a fist fight over flatulence with a passenger; a soccer star farts into a live microphone; and we learn about Rob Churchill’s secret talent!

RobbShowTV EP3: Clip 2 – Man is chased by Mountain Lion, dude has sex with dolphin
Kyle Burgess, now known as Cougar Guy, filmed a bobcat following him in the mountains of Utah for 6 minutes and uploaded the footage to YouTube.

Plus. would you go in a steel cage to see a great white shark close up?

And a man named Malcolm Brenner claims to have had sex with a dolphin while living in Florida in the 1970s.