David stalks and plots a stranger’s murder | RobbShowTV EP 24: Clip 3
On the couch: David Gregory and J.F. Harris!

Rob reviews Netflix’s “Night Stalker” about the murder spree of Richard Ramirez, and David reveals that he once spent three days stalking and plotting the murder of a complete stranger.

Is It Incest? | RobbShowTV EP 24: Clip 2
On the couch: David Gregory and J.F. Harris!

J.F. talks about living in New York City and the weird things he’s seen on the Subway.

Plus, a fight on the NYC subway tracks leads to a man being electrocuted to death, a Russian influencer Marina Balmasheva marries her step-son, and we discuss Is It Incest?

Bad Tattoos & David’s life as a carnie | RobbShowTV EP 24: Clip 1
On the couch: David Gregory and J.F. Harris!

David was straight edge until he was 27, J.F. Harris shows off his tattoos and Rob’s baby mama has a terrible one, and David tells us about his life as a carnie and what led to him sleeping outside of a McDonald’s in Atlantic City. 

Florida Man stories | RobbShowTV EP 23: Clip 4
On the couch: Cris Machado and TJ Noonan!

We cover all of the weird Florida Man stories from the week, including:

– Beef thief Roice Dean Brenay is arrested after he’s caught stealing meat from the Winn-Dixie he worked at.

– Florida Man Joseph Prohaska is arrested after riding an airboat on the streets of Brevard County, before shooting off fireworks and threatening to kill cops.

– Florida Man Scott Anthony Massa is arrested for arson after he tried to light a house on fire, and instead, lit himself on fire!

– Florida Man Jacoby Smart gets kicked out of Escapes Gentleman’s Club for filming strippers and fighting with bouncers.

– Florida Man Romney Christopher Ellis is arrested after sending a dead rat to his ex-wife and stalking her.

Stolen bikes & Wiping issues | RobbShowTV EP 23: Clip 3
On the couch: Cris Machado and TJ Noonan!

– Cris has his $2,500 bike stolen.

– Rob replaces a broken water pipe just hours after buying it.

– One of us has wiping issues, and no one seems to know what the solution is.