Florida Man dies during robbery when window closes on him

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. – Florida Man Jonathan Hernandez died on Saturday during an attempted burglary after a window at the house he was trying to burglarize closed on him.

Hernandez was attempting to rob a home by climbing through a window, however, while partially through that window, the window slammed down on Hernandez, trapping him.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, Hernandez’s neck was caught in the window and he was dead by the time deputies arrived on scene.

Hernandez’s family and friends told NBC 2 News they don’t believe that’s the whole story.

Hernandez’s fiancée, Patricia Duarte, said from the moment she saw the crime scene something didn’t seem right, telling NBC 2 News, “as soon as I got there I’m like, there’s no way. This isn’t what happened.”

Hernandez’s family says they’ll continue to push for answers into his death.

“I just need something to be done the right way. I need a proper investigation,” Duarte said. “I need the actual truth to come to light.”

(SOURCE: NBC 2 News)