FloridaMan arrested for trying to steal trolley

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – 65-year-old FloridaMan Gene Sweetapple was arrested after trying to steal a Lee Tran trolley while the driver was on break.

The trolley was parked in front of the Lee Tran offices when a witness put his bike on the trolley before realizing that Sweetapple, who was in the driver’s seat, didn’t look like a typical trolley driver.

The bike rider went inside the Lee Tran offices and spoke with a security guard who located the real driver.

The trolley driver went outside and told the FloridaMan to get out of the trolley before dialing 911.

The driver asked Sweetwater if he had a weapon, to which the FloridaMan responded he had a pocket knife.

The trolley driver went to the side of the trolley, putting his hand inside the driver’s side window and enabling the emergency shutdown for the trolley’s engine.

According to NBC 2 News“a deputy quickly arrived and asked Sweetapple to get off the trolley multiple times. He responded with things like ‘I’m going to drive the bus’ and ‘Say please.’

The deputy eventually got Sweetapple off the trolley. Now he’s facing charges of vehicle theft and resisting arrest.”

(SOURCE: NBC 2 News)


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